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          Things defiantly started looking up for our herd in 2019. Hopefully putting a horrid 2018 behind us and moving on. With that said I unfortunately didn’t get my appraisal papers or DHI papers in, so we decided to set out this year and will hopefully be back up on both of those things in 2020.

          The faces changed a bit this year with the addition of a few does. Hull’s Ember Jazz has one of the most outstanding pedigree’s I’ve seen. And we are happy to have her, we had plans to breed her to AJ unfortunately AJ passed away in July. So her breeding plans are up in the air. We also added a doe that I think fits our program but may not have a who’s who of pedigrees.

          Our 2020 breeding program is still a work in progress as we have decided to stick with the Boer buck breeding our does this fall. We have Jumanji, he will breed a few LaManchas. And Rocky will get a few of the Alpines but for the most all does will go to Bucky.

          So hopefully your year is going well. As ours is going smoothly so far. Have a blessed year.

After taking the last few years off from Appraisals and milk test, we will be going back on to both this next spring:

Sales Policy: 2019-2020

             Our sales policy here at BCF is one that we strive to keep. We believe that your kid will be ready in 4 weeks for you to pick up. They will have had Bo-Se shot, CD/T, and would have been started on grain. The kids will be all pulled at birth. All births are attended and the doe’s teats will be taped. To ensure no kid has the chance to nurse. They then will be feed powder colostrum after that they will get pasteurized whole goats milk.

                We would like for you to pick your kid up at no later than 4 weeks to make space for other kids. Sometimes we will offer soaking wet kids that are as young as a week old. That is to be determined at the time of kidding.  I keep my prices low for my kids that does not reflect in poor genetics. We have paid a pretty penny for the genetics we have now. And will continue to do so.

                All does are on milk test, test results can be given if you want to know. Also all does and bucks are on LA yearly. We do not hardly ever attend shows anymore. Due to my work schedule and keeping our herd healthy.

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