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Herd Info

           BCF started out as originally Pag’s Acres. Many goats was registered off that herd name it wasn’t until the herd moved from Ohio to Kentucky that we saw fit that we change the herd name. We started raising goats in general in 1980. Mom started out with an old Saanen and a Toggenburg. At that point she didn’t know anything other than they was just goats. It wasn’t until I was older that we got into the registered stock thanks to my cousin Debbie who at that time raised strictly well-bred Alpines.

            Her stock comes from Nixon’s, Strawberry-Fields, Willow-Run, etc. Now she raises Nubians and her beloved Alpines. I blame her for my love of the Alpine. Although she doesn’t like the LaManchas.

            Throughout our journey of raising goats we have had many ups and downs. Losing animals or selling them, we grow attached to them and with each loss it is tough. And in the last few years we have endured our fair share of loss. And with that loss we was forced to reevaluate our herd. We decided that the main focus of BCF should and would always be the Alpine and LaMancha herds. We sold out of all of our Nubians and the Togg’s. That left us with a few Experimental’s.

                Although we maintained a smaller herd we also enjoy doing Linear Appraisal on a yearly basis as well as milk test. Both have proved a valuable asset to our herd. We stopped going to shows do to the travel and my main job requesting time off has gotten a bit rough. Although we enjoyed our showing days I and the girls often prefer to keep things quiet at the house milking. Please take time and like our FB page. as well as our website and as always please email me with any questions and concerns at [email protected]

Sales Policy: 2018-2019

             Our sales policy here at BCF is one that we strive to keep. We do require a deposit that is non-refundable of $100. You have your pick of kids available. We believe that your kid will be ready in 4 weeks for you to pick up. They will have had Bo-Se shot, CD/T, and would have been started on grain. The kids will be all pulled at birth. All births are attended and the doe’s teats will be taped. To ensure no kid has the chance to nurse. They then will be feed powder colostrum after that they will get pasteurized whole goats milk.

                We would like for you to pick your kid up at no later than 4 weeks to make space for other kids. Sometimes we will offer soaking wet kids that are as young as a week old. That is to be determined at the time of kidding.  I keep my prices low for my kids that does not reflect in poor genetics. We have paid a pretty penny for the genetics we have now. And will continue to do so.

                All does are on milk test, test results can be given if you want to know. Also all does and bucks are on LA yearly. We do not hardly ever attend shows anymore. Due to my work schedule and keeping our herd healthy.

Contact Us: 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 606-375-6983 Leave message or text cause I usually don't pick up phone if I don't recognize the number


Ida & Paggy May

2004 Walkabout LN 

Dover, KY 41034